Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Way It Was...or WAS It?

Wow! Check out this 70s advertising for..."the hottest fashion idea of the season..." Ooooo yea, baby!
"Designed for people like you who make things happen" inducing spontaneous vomiting in passersby!
The guy's version is even called The Corvette! So now you too can hang your cool shades through your stretch terry your very own Corvette. Yea, right.
But if this jumpsuit was so damn hot, why was the model - with such an aggro expression - clenching his hands into fists of rage? Maybe he realises that, in the future, we'll be pissin' ourselves at how he sold his soul for such "style"!
Hell, ELVIS wouldn't have been seen dead in even a gold-lamé version of this!

Monday, August 31, 2015

MIB - Kiwi Style

Our national carrier Air New Zealand has a global reputation for its quirky in-flight safety videos.
They've featured surfers, hobbits, numerous celebs, The Simpsons (but let's forget - yeup, forget! - Rico that ridiculous rodent), Bear Grylls, gay kisses, swimsuit models...the sky's the limit!
Air NZ also has a solid track record for supporting our national ball-carriers, the All Blacks. So for its latest vid, it's enlisted some very special Men In Black...
Created in partnership with Sony Pictures, the All Blacks take passengers through the ins and outs of safety with the help of kiwi singer Stan Walker, actor Rip Torn and Frank the Pug (dog) who both starred in the movies MIB I (1997) and MIB II (2002).
All Black Israel Dagg proves he's as good off the field as on. Plus, keep an eye out for some inter-galactic rugby cameos from rugger greats David Campese (OZ), Martin Johnson (UK) and Agustin Pichot (Argentina), alongside A/Bs Richie McCaw, Dan Carter, Kieran Read, Kevin Mealamu, Sam Whitelock and their coach Steve Hansen.

This has GOTTA be one of AirNZ's best vids yet! Mind you, check out the very last scene. After all the safety tips for the flight, Israel Dagg flips out his Memory Neuralyzer, and *Zap!* everyone on board forgets... er... EVERYTHING!!!
Hmmm, does that seem ironic to you...or is it just my black humour?

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Denmark Refuses Entry To Faroes

The Sea Shepherd ship Bob Barker and its crew have been denied entry into the Faroe Islands by Danish authorities.
The vessel arrived at the port of Sund in the FI last Sunday. Upon docking, Danish Customs and Immigration officers conducted a full ship search and passport inspection. Authorities did not indicate there was any entry issue during the inspection. However, afterwards, all 21 crewmembers were issued with a Refusal of Entry notice and ordered to leave the 12nm limit of the Faroe Islands.
Danish authorities said the notices were issued for suspicion of "affecting public order", although the actual document gives no clear legal reasons for denial of entry. Believing the notices to be unlawful, SS has begun appeal processes to fight the order.
Captain Alex Cornelissen, CEO of SS Global: "Denmark seems to think the best way to divert attention away from its support of the grindadráp is to conduct further legally dubious activity."
Despite the fact that the slaughter of cetaceans is banned in the European Union - including Denmark - the killing continues with the support of Danish police and navy, and with the blessing of the Danish government. Cornelissen: "By denying the crew of the Bob Barker entry to the Faroe Islands, Danish authorities have proven that they are more interested in supporting the slaughter of pilot whales than they are in upholding their EU responsibilities and maintaining their relationships with other EU countries. They have also shown how effective Sea Shepherd has been in holding Denmark accountable for the on-going slaughter of cetaceans."
This year 490 pilot whales have been killed in the Faroes with Denmark's backing.
+ ...meanwhile international pressure against the grindadráp builds from countries within the EU. In early August, two major German cruise-liner companies cancelled tours to the Faroes.
In the past month, politicos from Luxembourg, Italy and the UK have publically expressed disdain for the grindadráp.
On 19 August, the Scottish town of Wick announced it had cut its 20yr.long twin-town relationship with the city of Klaksvík, and would not look to re-instate official relationships until the "disgusting" slaughter of whales in FI is banned.
The writing is on the wall...?