Thursday, April 17, 2014

Secret Whalemeat Delivery

Environmental group Greenpeace says a ship with 2,000 tons of Icelandic whale meat has been scared off from refueling in a South African port.
The group organised a 21,000-signature petition calling on Durban Port and govt depts to not allow the ship Alma to enter the harbour.
Loading Alma in Iceland
The Cypriot-registered freezer ship loaded the largest consignment of whale meat out of Iceland in years, including two species of fin whale, and was en route to Japan.
Greenpeace said boxes with 'frozen whale' written in Japanese were loaded onto Alma last month - the shipment originated with maverick whaler Kristj√°n Loftsson's Icelandic company Hvalur.
Early into its journey, its positioning tracker was switched off. It sailed down the coastline of West Africa - a route familiar to those transporting illegal or dangerous cargo (an easier and shorter way would be to sail through the Suez or Panama canals).
Where is Alma now?
Greenpeace contacted the SA Dept of Environment Affairs and Dept of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, appealing to the depts not to let the ship dock. South Africa is a signatory to Cites and doesn't allow trade in whale meat.
SA's Environment Affairs said however the dept played no role in the matter: "Cites regulations are very clear and none of these was transgressed. There was no request for an import permit here or certificate for introduction from the sea." Fisheries said the vessel had not involved it either, as Alma was not a fishing vessel, its cargo had not been caught locally and it had not intended to offload its cargo at any local port.
Iceland's new quotas allow 229 minke whales and 154 endangered fin whales to be killed annually for the next five years. Fin are listed as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List.
This shipment will increase Japan's aging whalemeat stack by as much as 25%. When so few eat it, WHY does Japan keep stockpiling it???

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Does Seven-Dull Stand A Chance?

Comedian (his PR's word, not mine) Jesse Mulligan is out.
He's leaving TVNZ news show Seven Sharp at the end of this week.
He was the last original host of the show, which premiered in February last year: "I've had a good time making this show, but now it's time to get back to my comedy roots. Hosting Best Bits has reminded me how much fun a live audience can be, and I leave Seven Sharp confident that Mike and Toni will take the show from strength to strength."
This Thursday 17th is Mulligan's last show, but he'll continue to host Best Bits for TVNZ (I believe Best Bits is meant to be comedy, but it hasn't made me laugh yet).
It was bizarre that a Current Affairs prog, set opposite TV3's Campbell Live and aimed at bringing news to a young adult audience (who have very little interest in news and, if they did, would probably get it via their iphones) should be fronted by a comic - and a dubious one at that! In fact, the entire 7-Dull concept - presenters, style, content, graphics, set - seemed doomed from the start.
Mulligan added nothing to it, neither did Alison Mau - another of the original three - who should've stuck to lightweight consumer shows. The only one with any news talent was Greg Boyed, who saved his career by wisely leaving the show in Sept.2013.
TVNZ is not looking for a replacement for Mulligan, with new arrivals Mike Hosking and Toni Street staying.
Perhaps now 7-Dull may sharpen that remotely possible?

Update: 16 April 2014 - Meanwhile Mike Hosking's been described by Alison Mau as a 'dictator'!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

24: Live Another Day - Season Nine Promo

What can I say?
Here's the next promo from Fox, with more glimpses of what's gonna be a kick-arse 12-episode more intense season than EVER (starting in US, mid-May)!
Rejoice!! Rejoice!!! BAUER'S BACK!!

+ See also my earlier March 2014 posting [spoiler alert].